Welcome to UNDERCOLOR, where we embark on a magical visual journey…

UNDERCOLOR is a Dutch-based organization with the head office in Limburg, The Netherlands. We have two additional offices: our production studio based in Bucharest and our operating office in Ibiza. We are the ultimate event and venue production concept introducing new visual experiences with specific colourful, architectural, and tripping productions to the client’s specifications and visual graphic requirements. We can offer visual productions for any event including showcases, festivals, nightclub events, corporate launches, weddings, fashion shows and parties where you want to wow your audience.

We transform venues into a mystical journey, able to metamorphose blank walls into spectacular surround productions and create architectural mapping and video projection to bring our audience into a multidimensional world.

For selected events we produce mind-blowing holographic productions and mind-blowing graphics, walls dancing with you on the beats of the music, characters flying all over the venue and give you the most ultimate tripping sensation ever.